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As busy professionals, our time is prime. We weigh our pursuits, our allowances, and our schedules against real and/or perceived value add and enrichment. We want to get what we believe we’re getting. In a digital day where facades are old hat, and real conversation is prized, I admit that I get frustrated when being given the bait and switch by someone just seeking an extra click or follow.

Weigh in: Was @TextInstagram to @JoshHelferrich a classic bait and switch, or strategic timing in good faith?

Over the course of the past several weeks, I have been preparing a presentation about Social Media Best Practices for Nonprofit and Religious organizations. The process of research has been fascinating. Having worked for both nonprofit and religious organizations for over a decade, I understand the innerworkings, the approach and the traditional mindset. “Good causes should get good press, right?” “Everyone should want to hear about my project and to support it because we’re doing it, right?” For nonprofits that have struggled over the years to be heard in the sea of Good, the stellar news is that many are now seeing their messages amplified through the use of social media. Whereas their typical communications model may have represented a megaphone, today’s digital world provides an iPhone of sorts - two-way communication with sharing & feedback, that is literally just one tweet away. New research reveals a progressing trend shift in that that nonprofits are becoming the fastest growing segment to embrace an online presence and social engagement. Formerly slow adopters to social are now finding it precisely the puzzle piece to complete their communications picture. In addition, by charting their own course, they have the opportunity to become Nonprofit rockstars in their own right - elevating and articulating their brand and inviting participation from their communities along the journey.

As I’ve conducted my research, I have truly been amazed at the openness and willingness from so many individuals to engage, share and dialogue with me to aid me along in this journey of growth and discovery. The best gift that any for profit/nonprofit/consultant can give themselves and their communities is authenticity. You can’t bottle it, you can’t fake it, it is just what it is.

Heartfelt thanks to a few authentically fabulous folks: Michael Holmes (@MichaelGHolmes), Sharif Khalladi (@SharifKhalladi) and Pam Moore (@PamMktngNut) for your time and insights! Forever grateful!

In a day where Twitter Spammers are a reality, I wanted to take a moment to recognize a few of the folks that have taken time to grow their communities organically with honest, integrity and authenticity. Also folks that took time out to be a tremendous resource to me. Social when utilized strategically enables us to connect and reach out to one another removing miles, time and space. Truly, we are all just one tweet away.

It’s time to soar…


Hello and welcome into my new blog space, The Sky Rocket Blog.  Hope you will join me on this journey of sharing, discussion and reflection about the things that propel us to advance and aspire; grow and inspire - things that help us get “there”! We’ll dive into social media innovations, communication and professional best practices, tech updates and digital successes, as well as a sprinkling of other things that matter most…Family tidbits, dream boosters and more.

A little about me… My name is Tayisha McGuire, an artsy, PR girl, that knows “church” and loves digital. I have held the former qualities for nearly two decades, however, the latter is a fairly recent affinity.  I was among those who hailed a “toe in” approach to social media. Although my interest was piqued by those incredible stories of folks with millions of twitter followers, extreme successes in a new product launch or crazy engagement stats during a live event, it just always seems so out of reach for me. What I have learned over the past 4 months, however, has revolutionized my thinking. Not only was my perception of social media the furthest from the reality in today’s social space, but even more remarkably in most cases, once engaged, you’ll never want to go back! (*raising hand*)

I have a few folks to thank for that… The S.I. Newhouse Executive Masters in Communications Management Program at Syracuse University for the savvy to hire one of THE most cutting edge thought leaders in content creation and curation and the absolute best Social Media Prof a group of communicators could ever as for, Dr. William Ward aka DR4WARD; I thank my colleagues in #NewhousePRSM who charted an equally rich journey of discovery (comedy) and growth, and lastly, I must thank the wonderful content sharers that I can now call allies in the social sphere.

It’s time to soar…

Credits: Social Media Delivered, The Social Skinny, Ford and Mashable.